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Samsung Galaxy S8 Unpacked And Bares All

Samsung Galaxy S8 Unpacked And Bares All

Ever wondered how the Samsung Galaxy S8 looks inside? While many Youtube channels are out there dissecting the phones to the bare metal to figure out what makes the phone ticks, Samsung has saved the hassle by sharing what is inside the latest flagship smartphone themselves.

Gone are the days where companies guard their secrets like some military action sci-fi thriller. On the latest models, Samsung instead shares it all. The company has made subtle, yet impactful tweaks in their latest flagship smartphone – with the display being the obvious change. The OLED display features a 18.5:9 screen ratio, which gives more than 80% viewing space on the front of the device. The screen itself is High Dynamic Range (HDR) enabled, and it is covered with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 – which is 1.8 times stronger than the previous version. Thanks to the wonders of optimization and miniaturization, the display drive integrated circuit (IC) has been moved around to allow for smaller bezels, which is evident with the new Samsung Infinity Display.

To achieve the seamless and expansive front display, the front camera has been shifted to allow for the bigger display. The iris scanner (tech taken from the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7) is a single module with the front camera, while the other sensors like the SVC LED, Proximity Sensor (Detector) & Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor (Emitter) and Iris infra-red LED lies on another module, sitting on the other side of the speaker. Black bezels and tint prints were applied on the front of the smartphone to hide the front sensors and other technical components.

In keeping to the safety mantra that Samsung is now following to the letter, they have applied heat pipes to bring out heat from important components. This includes the processor, screen and battery. The location of these pipes are well placed to keep the components as cool as possible in daily use.

The other components that are usually associated with a smartphone are also in the explosion image – have you noticed anything special or peculiar which is out of place?

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