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Apparently so, as that's the sell Samsung is making consumers believe on its new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone launched early this month. The phone promises a lot of things, and among them is the ability to replace desktops through a docking

Same Shape, Same Design Not to put off the hard work the people over at HTC have put into the HTC One A9s, but it is eerily reminiscent of the Apple iPhone 6s, and that isn’t necessarily a good thing. It’s

More improvements are coming to low to mid tier phones that use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 mobile platforms starting with connectivity. Bringing premium level enhancement to more mass users who expect excellent mobile experiences, phones using these processors will have

Ever wondered how the Samsung Galaxy S8 looks inside? While many Youtube channels are out there dissecting the phones to the bare metal to figure out what makes the phone ticks, Samsung has saved the hassle by sharing what is

France the birth place of fashion, style and freedom- boasting a tradition of citizen empowerment and a shining beacon of hope and democracy, this is also the country to produces statement driven smartphones like Wiko. In a world crowded with familiar

Webe is making life easier for gamers and other happy shoppers on Google Play store by introducing direct carrier billing service for in-app purchases. Seen as a way to navigate around the often cumbersome process of getting credit or debit card