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Small yet powerful Thanks to the combination of the 1-inch sensor and the BION X image processor, the Sony RX100 Mk V is Sony’s best compact ever. It has great image quality out of the box – and for something this

 Ready to Go Taking cue from its ever-popular Jabra Sport earbuds, the brand introduces a wireless Bluetooth earbuds made for those on-the-go. The Jabra Halo Free allows for greater flexibility and convenience when you’re out and about – no more constantly

Karma is usually a destiny or fate that has been given to you by the universe, but it now has a new definition all together thanks to the people over at GoPro. Although it was introduced into the market late

Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Perfect For Every Genre Whether it’s classical, smooth jazz, deep house or even heavy metal, the Klipsch Reference is perfect for even the most ardent audiophile imaginable. After giving it a run through my playlist, I was

Sony MDR 1000X Headphones Exceptionally Comfortable For anyone who knows me well enough, I despise headphones because it runs the volume in my hair (I'm vain, so sue me). However, the Sony MDR 1000X headphones is one of the few exceptions to

Tumblr was really excited to announce that they've got a new app - called Cabana. "It's for hanging out with friends and watching videos." the post reads. "It’s good. You just open it, video chat with up to five friends, and watch