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Tumblr was really excited to announce that they've got a new app - called Cabana. "It's for hanging out with friends and watching videos." the post reads. "It’s good. You just open it, video chat with up to five friends, and watch

Taking great videos and going extreme lengths to capture those moments are what the GoPro Hero4 is all about. But has there been occasions where you felt the audio a bit drab and how about poor recording due to bad

Would really want to buy the stocks in this company. These guys are the IKEA of tech gadgets with endless imagination, the Shenzen based Xiaomi has now created a new action camera that is giving competition the jitters. Mi 360° Panoramic

Just when you thought you were slowly accepting the fact that you would have to save your paychecks for a good few months before you could get your hands on NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1080Ti graphics card, NVIDIA is here to

[caption id="attachment_45349" align="alignnone" width="6000"] L - R: Ong Chang Seng, Managing Director of AECO Technologies, and Dickson Cheah, Marketing Executive of AECO Technologies[/caption] Just when you thought the fenix 3HR from Garmin was a great virtual fitness companion to have on

This is an uber cool device from Sony, unlike traditional projectors that just displays an image, the Xperia Touch turns flat walls, table and floors into an interactive screen. Engineers have coupled it with short-throw projection, Wi-Fi connection and touch functionality,