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[Gold Award] Review: Arlo is Watching (Over) You

[Gold Award] Review: Arlo is Watching (Over) You

Arlo Security System with 2 HD Cameras (VMS3230)

Eyes on Your Home
A number of wi-fi security cameras have passed through our doors, but none of them are like the Arlo Security System with 2 HD Cameras (VMS3230). Most wi-fi cameras require an AC power source. This particular model features a base station to be connected to your router, and two totally wire-less cameras. It is easy to get the ecosystem up and running; keeping an eye on your home or small office has never been easier.

Flexible Monitoring
While the base station remains next to your network device at all times, these palm-sized cameras can easily be moved around the house…depending on where you install the magnetic camera mounts. In the box, you will receive four mounts, which means you can decide up to four vantage points – both indoors and outdoors. This requires a little bit of drilling (or screwing in if you’re lucky) and the mounts are permanent. The only thing you move are the cameras themselves.

In the Cloud
Aside from being wire-less, the Arlo does away with an internal storage system. Recorded video will get uploaded to its cloud system, where the basic service is free for a cloud recording of up to 1GB and will be stored there for seven days. Though this particular bundle on furnishes you with two cameras, it is easily scalable – the basic service can support up to five cameras. Should you require more space (up to 100GB) and cameras supported (up to 15 cameras), you will need to pay a certain premium.



Viewing Limitations
A point of contention for me is the fact that its wire-less cameras do not use rechargeable batteries. I had found that continuous usage of the camera – I didn’t opt to record when there’s motion – will deplete the battery rather quickly. It does have digital pan and zoom, but it is a limited field of vision. There is also no audio recording capabilities.


Look Ma, No Wires
Tangle free, all day.

Surveillance Anywhere
I really like the magnetic mount. It makes popping the cameras on and off so quick and easy.


Price: RM1,899
Dimension: 55 x 215 x 165 mm (base), 72 x 44 x 66 mm (camera)
Weight: 320g (base), 123g (base)
Video resolution: 720p
Photo resolution: 1,280 x 720 pixels
Connectivity: Wi-Fi
Camera Battery: Lithium CR123 Photo
Field of view: 110° with digital pan and zoom

Value – 7.5
Performance – 7.5
Features – 8
Design – 9
Usability – 8

Score: 8

Verdict: Easily scalable if you need more cameras.

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