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A new brand has entered the Malaysian market, and they are aiming for the big guys by offering similar features at a more affordable price. Oukitel is a brand that is gunning to be one of the brand to look

In a spate of succession, Apple released updates to its product range including a new a colour for the iPhone 7 in striking Red, reseized tablet and more bands for Apple Watch. The one that strikes us the most is the

After 18 hours at the AirAsia RedQ coding away, team Avianto from Singapore won the AirAsia ever first Airvolution hackathon. The​ team emerged with the best solution to the challenge - how to profile AirAsia fans based on their digital social

Asus Zenfone 3 Max Battery powerhouse  Boasting a 4100mh battery, it definitely lives up to the Max in its name. For general usage it can comfortably last for a day or more. The phone comes with a cable for reverse charging so

ARM shows off their next generation multi-core microarchitecture, providing higher performance ceilings without compromising efficiency. This technology will lay the foundation for future ARM Cortex-A processors. ARM DynamIQ technology is to address the industry demand for ubiquitous AI, autonomous systems and accelerating the integration

In following, American ban on electronic devices larger than mobile phones on flights from middle eastern countries, United Kingdom has also enacted similar rule with immediate effect. Unlike the States, which additionally banned UAE and Morocco, UK's band targets Egypt, Jordan,