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Easy Battery Saver review

Easy Battery Saver review

Easy Battery Saver is a great app to save your battery life and optimise using habit. There are four preset saving modes and an advanced customised mode for those who wants a little control over the app. It is really easy to use as all you need to do is to pick one and then go on with it until you need to change the settings. Unlike other gimmicky apps out there, this one actually works.

Easy Battery Saver

The four preset modes are Normal Mode, General Power Saving Mode, Intelligent Power Saving Mode and Super Power Saving Mode.

The app promised to save more than 50% of battery life but that also depends on how you use your Android device. On the app’s main page, it shows battery consumption list of real-time running items. What would make the app better is if it has the ability to kill third party apps from the main page instead of just looking at the running items. Aside from that, this is the app to download for those who needs a battery saver app.


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