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Controlled Chaos

Controlled Chaos

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Micro-manage Your Gameplay 
With the help from Logitech Gaming Software, you can now program up to 11 different macro buttons and commands from the G900 Chaos Spectrum to suit your style of gameplay. The G900 also comes with a mechanical pivot button design, giving the mouse a clean and crisp click feel with rapid click feedback. This design further reduces the amount of force needed to click, allowing you to get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Game Longer Without Wires 
Thanks to the wireless capabilities on the G900, you can now game  up to 32 hours straight on a single charge. This is because of the exclusive clock-tuning technology, which significantly reduces power consumption. Although it didn’t last me the full 32 hours (mainly because I kept forgetting to turn it off), it did last a bit over 24 hours before having to recharge so it does live up to its name of being long-lasting.

Perfect For The Pros 
If you’re ever considering of breaking into the pro scene, the G900 is a great mouse for that. Its dpi ranges from 200 to 12,000 with zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration so you have complete control over your movements. This is great especially for FPS gamers as movement, precision and accuracy is the key difference between winning and losing.




Have It Any Way You Want 
Whether the G900 is connected wirelessly or through the USB cable, its performance will not be hindered so you can game whichever way you see fit.

Great For All Users 
The G900 comes with an ambidextrous design so it’s great for all right-handers as well as southpaws.

Customise Its LED Lighting
With 16.8 million colours to choose from, you can now customise the LED lighting on the G900 to suit your environment.
Price: RM699
Dimensions (HxWxD): 130 x 67 x 40mm
Weight: 107g
Buttons: 6 – 11

Resolution: 200 – 12,000 dpi
USB Report Rate: 1ms
Connectivity: Wired/Wireless
V – 6
P – 10
F – 8
D – 8
U – 9
Total – 8.2

Verdict: Although the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is much pricier compared to its competition, its daily performance usage is second to none.

Reviewer: Teh Wi-Liam

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