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April for Samsung Galaxy S III

The sequel to Galaxy S II is said to be launched in April. According to some report, it was claimed that Cheil Worldwide, Samsung’s marketing and advertising agency, confirmed the date. It was also mentioned that there are plans for a huge campaign going on in United Kingdom and that the ads will focus on this year’s Summer Olympics, which will take place in London. Do keep in mind that so far, these are all  just rumours.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Can we expect a display better than Super AMOLED plus?

The Samsung flagship phone is rumoured to be powered by 1.5 GHz Samsung Exynos processor, a 4.8-inch ‘full HD’ display with aspect ratio 16:9, an 8-megapixel rear camera, ceramic case and running on Android 4.0. If each of the Galaxy S featured newer and better display, the Galaxy S III could be setting the bar again with its new display. It could be a Blu-ray display but as for now, let’s just wait to see if Samsung Galaxy S III will really be out in April.

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