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11 Major Technology Projects Announced For Cyberjaya

11 Major Technology Projects Announced For Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya celebrated its 20th year anniversary spearheading as the technology hub in the country since it was first mooted in 1996. Visioned as the next silicon valley in Malaysia, Cyberjaya has well progressed as it was set out to be with various global tech company’s setting up centres in the location.

Commemorating its achievement and looking into making the development even more integral as a tech hub, Cyberview the developer made 11 major announcements including the establishment of an R&D and Innovation hub as well as a regional centre for big data. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Abdul Razak was at hand to make these announcements; which include brand new projects, investments and funds, aim to catalyse strategic collaborations and accelerate Cyberjaya’s transformation into a global technology hub.

In 2016 Malaysia’s MSC Malaysia status companies generated more than RM12.5 billion revenue, an increase of 28% from previous year. The Prime Minister quipped this contribution comes hand in hand with the city’s attractiveness as a base for innovations ; with 40% of its population being high-value knowledge workers and housing 60% of Malaysia’s data centres amongst many other milestones achieved.

Amongst the slew of announcements was also the launch of the Futurise Centre, a collaboration between Cyberview and MaGiC, a hub for corporates, universities, and entrepreneurs to converge and develop future innovation. The centre will house research universities the likes of Multimedia University and Tsinghua University. Also to be housed in the Centre are innovation outfits such as Microsoft HoloLens and AI Lab, and United Nations Technology Innovation Lab, bringing UN personnel, academia, governments, start-up companies and established tech giants to develop innovative solutions for global challenges such as smart cities, sustainable tourism or ethical fashion.

There were other investments in fintech and data centres which will provide up to 800 high value jobs in the future. Another key highlight was the announcement of the Cyberjaya Innovation Fund for the Future with a commitment of RM100 million by the Ministry of Finance.

We look forward to further strengthening Cyberjaya’s offerings as a sandbox and playground for people to take innovative technology ideas from concepts and start-ups and grow them into businesses capable of competing in the global scene,” added Dato’ Faris Yahaya, Managing Director, Cyberview.


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